TracFind Chip

TracFind is the latest in total GPS tracking – a microchip that you can attach to anything you don't want to lose, or just anything you want to locate!.

Guns, children, bicycles, Iphones, Ipads, laptops, gaming systems, jewelry, cameras, sporting equipment, boats, cars, motorcycles, Alzheimer patients – the list is endless. TracFind provides you the security of knowing that if anything you have of value (a loved one, a pet, a possession) is lost or stolen, it can be immediately activated by the TracFind chip and located. The additional feature of TracFind, that is exclusive to TracFind, is the optional capability to log your chip into a national database of law enforcement agencies in the event that they need to immediately locate your loved ones, lost or stolen items.

In the event that your weapon is stolen – TracFind provides you and or law enforcement the peace of mind in knowing that with the TracFind application, your weapon can be immediately located and prevent potential crimes from being perpetrated as well as protecting you from any negligence.

Lost Something? Let TracFind® help you.

» Report the Loss immediately.

  Upon a lost or stolen item occurring, you must call your local law enforcement agency immediately to REPORT THE LOSS (Even once an Alert is sent to the law enforcement agency, they cannot respond or begin to respond to locate the lost or stolen item unless the customer of TracFind® calls it in. The call most likely will be to 9-11, and the 9-11 operator will ask what is the emergency, and the customer may say,"I just got home and someone broke into my home, or car or ETC and I have a TracFind® Chip in it.") . Then the 9-11 dispatch will connect the call to the central communications center, or dispatch of that particular law enforcement agency. An Example is if the call comes into the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office then the call is routed to the central communications center, the customer reports the break in or lost or stolen item, and at that moment the call establishes a report of the lost or stolen item, and then the communications center sends out the alert to the officers in the field. They cannot respond until the customer reports the event. Then and even if it takes an hour to get a police officer to the customer's location to take a physical report, the police can start tracking the item(s) immediately. Every police vehicle has a lap top computer or a device that will receive the alert from their communications center.

» Instant Alerts.

  TracFind® will be alerted automatically to the customer and the law enforcement agency if the item (s) leaves a certain radius of the customer's property (25 yards which is 75 feet). An example is a customer goes to work at 7:00AM and does not return home until 6:00 at night. The break in occurs at 10:00 AM and if the item (s) leave the boundary of the customer's property the TracFind® device is activated and sends a message first to the customer that their items are moving from the boundary of their property, the customer must call the law enforcement agency at that time to report the loss. Then that activates the police to be able to respond to immediately begin to locate the item(s). If the TracFind® attached person/thing moves out of the boundary, TracFind® comes to life and sends out the alert to the customer.

» Informing Law Enforcement.

  TracFind® customer needs to sign a waiver in the registration that allows the law enforcement agency to respond and ask the customer to be contacted by the central communications center which they will do so TracFind® customers need to fill out the registration with an email address and alternative numbers to be reached as well as another third party who may be able to contact the customer (brother, sister, parent, friend or employer).

  While the TracFind® customer can certainly activate his own app to locate his items within the boundary of his property, it is suggested by law enforcement, not to confront a stranger or targeted person or business if the TracFind® customer has chosen not to share his data with law enforcement, that they should immediately call their local police department and report that they have TracFind® and their device is showing their lost or stolen item at a certain place or address or on a certain individual and let the police confront the person or business. That is what is called a P&C (probable cause). If the TracFind® customer approaches the person or business and an altercation occurs or worse a gun was stolen and the thief could then turn on the TracFind® customer. The police can approach the alleged person or business with probable cause due to the report turned in or called into to the law enforcement agency from the TracFind® customer.

What a TracFind® user should do if he lost something.

» Log in to TracFind® Application and go to Law enforcement Tab.

» Get the nearest Law enforcement agency contact information.

» Contact the Law enforcement agency through the contact details or by dialing 9-11.

» Inform the Loss to Law enforcement agency.

For TracFind® user who doesn't share device information to Law enforcement agencies.

» Log in to TracFind® Application and Activate the device.

» Track the device/person position using TracFind® application.

» Get the nearest Law enforcement agency details from TracFind®

» Inform the loss and current position of device/person to the Law enforcement agency.