Track Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

World's First Motion Activated Tracking Device
Receive Alerts when items are Stolen
Track Items when they're on the Move
Find Items when they're Lost.

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Keeping Your Valuables Within Digital Reach

Secure Anything with a Motion-Detect, Location Based, Tracking Device

  • What is TracFind?

    TracFind is a small tracking device which can be attached to just about anything allowing tracking of valuables 24hrs a day


    It works anywhere there is cellular service, both in the United States and International.


    Depending on requirements, a single charge can last up to 3 years and it's rechargeable.

  • Motion Activated

    TracFind sends an alert immediately when it's moved! Know when your valuables are moved vs. waiting to discover something is missing later.

  • Law Enforcement Notification

    At your discretion you may instantly send law enforcement the location of a stolen or missing item.

  • Quick Recovery

    Since you're notified the moment the device is moved you'll have a significant chance of recovering the item.

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Channel 10 CBS News Reporter Reginald Roundtree explores the pro’s and con’s of a new tracking software that lets gun owners track their stolen guns and any other item they want.